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1937 – 2020

Sadly, one of the stalwarts of our walking group, Malcolm Newell, passed away on 22nd October, 2020 at the age of 82. His wife, and love of his life, Marie, who many will remember from our walks, unfortunately pre-deceased Malcolm.

Malcolm was one of the founders of the West Midlands 50+ walking group and led many of our walks, known to some as Magical Mystery Tours. He will be remembered for leading some of our more challenging walks and on some occasions, you didn’t reach home until after dark! His riposte when there’s was any ripple of dissent was that it wasn’t worth putting your boots on unless you accumulated some mud on them. He always insisted on standing to eat his lunch so that he was ready to commence the second half of the walk with his muscles still warm. Upon occasion he would delve into one of his pockets and fish out an ancient toffee then proceed to unwrap it with some ceremony.

On a personal level he was both an interesting and knowledgeable person who could hold a discussion on a wide range of subjects. Each week he would delve into his rucksack for newspaper clippings of pertinent articles or the crossword from The Times and hand these out.


An annual walk, retracing one of his favourite ones, will feature in the programme in his memory.

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